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July 2015 – The Planning Inspectorate validates the Appeals and decides to hold a Public Inquiry. The PINS Appeal refs;

– APP/F0114/W/15/3023066 – Appeal against refusal of the 1st retrospective planning application

– APP/F0114/C/15/3053105 – Appeal against enforcement notice

29 June 2015 – The developer submits another (2nd) Retrospective planning application (planning ref; 15/02931/FUL) proposing a number of minor changes to the as built development. The submitted information is unclear as to what is proposed and does nothing to alter the height, width and depth of the overall building.

May 2015 – The developer submits Appeals to the Planning Inspectorate against refusal of planning permission and the associated Enforcement Notice.

29 April 2015: B&NES Development Control Committee support the officer recommendation to issue an Enforcement Notice to stop work and seek demolition within 6 months.

8 April 2015: B&NES Development Control Committee REFUSES retrospective planning application – 10 Councillors vote to refuse, 1 Councillor abstains.

November 2014: The community notes that new plans submitted do not show what has been built, and ask for accurate drawings to reflect the proposals.

October 2014: The developer is invited to submit a Retrospective Planning Application seeking to the regularise the development, because the building is substantially different to what had been permitted. The developer submits the planning application, and decides to restart unauthorised building work at their own risk.

September 2014: B&NES issue a ‘Temporary Stop Notice’ forcing the building work to stop, to allow investigative work. This establishes that what has been built is wider, deeper, taller and has a different roof design.

August 2014: Local residents notice the building, now at roof level, is different to the consented development and ask B&NES to investigate.

February 2012: Development work commences, with excavations for the foundations….

January 2012: Developer submit necessary drawings to discharge planning conditions prior to commencing development work. The drawings and information submitted relate to the ‘approved‘ scheme.


2010: Rather than build the approved block, the developers re-submit the second (refused) application.  This is refused.

2007-8: A third proposal for 14 flats with a pitched roof is submitted. Planning application is approved.

2007: The developer submits a second application proposal for 13 flats. This is refused aswell, because it would be harmful to the character and appearance of this part of the Conservation Area and World Heritage Site by reason of its inappropriate and incongruous design. The community call for a building with a pitched roof to reflect the local context.

2006: A developer proposes to demolish the house at 43 Upper Oldfield Park and submits a planning application to build a block of 14 luxury flats in its place. The application is refused because its excessive size and design would have a detrimental impact on the Conservation Area and World Heritage Site.


More details about this development – the planning applications, comments & objections – can be found at the B&NES Planning site