Another application

Many of us have received notification from the Council that a planning application has been submitted for five residential units on land at the rear of 43 Upper Oldfield Park.

Planning Applications Reference:18/02330/FUL

The developers have form. Ignoring the planning system & Council, they built a block of flats  wider, deeper, taller and with a different roof design than the one they had permission for.

The planning application provides an inadequate amount of detail about the scheme and it is unusual for the Council to accept it as valid:

  • There is no specification for any of the materials that might be used for its construction. This is despite the Council asking that any scheme has regard to the character and appearance of its surroundings.
  • There is no tree survey. The application must avoid the roots to the boundary pine tree. Without a survey it is not even possible to say the site can accommodate the building footprint.
  • The height of the building is unknown. There are no ground levels for either before or after the scheme or measurements stated for the building itself. This is despite the Council concern over the height of the building.
  • The distance and relationship between the building and the existing flats is unknown. There are no levels. There is a cross section but where this has been taken isn’t shown.
  • It seems to show the flats parallel to the new building when they are not. Plans do not show the full relationship between the proposal as they exclude much of the existing flats. This is despite the Council being concerned about sufficient amenity and private space for existing and proposed residents.
  • The applicant has not provided details to managing drainage & flooding.

The Council is expecting comments on a scheme when it might not fit, we don’t know what it will look like or how big it is.

Sensibly, the Council should refuse consent because the scheme represents an overdevelopment of the site, just on the information they have.