OBJECT to the latest Retrospective Planning Application

The applicant has submitted another retrospective planning application, proposing some minimal changes to the building. Information on this application can be seen here http://www.bathnes.gov.uk/planningdocuments=15/02931/FUL

In effect the applicant has, by submitting this application which requires changes to the completed building, admitted that what has been built is unacceptable. Numerous questions remain over exactly what is now proposed since the information presented is not clear and ambiguous.

Comments/ objections can still be submitted to B&NES planning department if you think the proposals submitted are;

– Not in keeping with the character of the conservation area or World Heritage Site;

– Still of a building which is overly large, dominant and incongruous in its location;

– Of a poorly considered design which demonstrably has had to be built in an unplanned and ad hoc manner.

What is clear is that the applicant has built and completed an development without a planning consent. If this application is consented by the B&NES planning committee what message does this send out to other developers?